• Be prepared. Please decide where you want your performers to setup/perform/rove before they get to the event. If you are unsure of the best position, ask your entertainment team for advice.
  • Make sure we are placed in a prominent position to get the best value out of our services.
  • Have parking available. To make setting up easier, if possible, please keep a car space free for your entertainer’s vehicle. Please keep in mind that there is often a lot of equipment to unload so a proximal car space would be appreciated.
  • Performers require a 15 minute break if working 4 or more hours. Stilt walkers will perform for 45 minutes on stilts with a 15 minute break between sets.
  • Our face painters follow safe application procedures. We use professional quality hypoallergenic face paint/glitters and keep our work area, applicators and water clean.
  • Our fire performers always play it safe. We bring to each performance, a fire blanket and use safe undamaged equipment. We also provide a “spotter” to stay in charge of safety requirements. We use only ‘fire water’, a highly refined odourless solvent as performance fuel. This low-toxicity chemical has a high flash point and has low smoke production.
  • Our unicyclists will always wear a helmet! Because children are watching!
  • Our entertainers have public liability insurance for up to AU$20 million. So in the unlikely event that our performers be responsible for any damage, you are covered.