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Pass-the-Parcel has a large range of games to be played indoor or outdoor.

Indoor games are musical based and do require a generous space to play in. Have a great outdoor space and a lot of energetic children? Let them run, hop and challenge themselves with our outdoor games. Group games and relay games will keep children entertained and with heaps of prizes to be won everyone will want to be a part. With a tonne of games up our sleeves we certainly can keep all those children involved. Recommended for children 5 and up. 
Our Entertainment is interactive with performers singing original songs and getting the children to interact and get involved. Plus with games, puppet shows and dancing the children will have lots of fun.

Of course we play pass the parcel. This classic game is after all our namesake. All children receive a prize of their choice. Included in some packages but can be added to all. Prices available on price list.


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